S T U D I O :   M a n f r e d   M ü l l e r


Studio Manfred Müller / Federal Avenue, West Los Angeles


One of the most formative encounters I've had with Manfred Müller was in July of 2016 at ROSEGALLERY.  Manfred was to curate a selection of Oxid Yellow
paintings, controlled palette with dramatic graphic expressions and textured burnt-yellow hues gathered on thick board.  The exhibition room was small, irregular in shape, posing difficulty for maximum viewing space.  Unfretted was Manfred, eager to explore arrangements and to re-align his paintings to hang up-side down if the composition on the wall asked for such.  During the pre-production of the Oxid Yellow exhibit I remember Gerhard Richter's work recurring in conversation.  And when explaining to me how he would prefer the installation photography to be conducted, Bernd & Hilla Becher photo books were brought to my work space.  Little did he know of my affinity for the Bechers' photography.  I screamed inside with my "aha" moment feeling that I've met an artist whose taste I could undoubtedly admire, and they could trust mine in collaboration.  His right brain explored uncontrollably, shattering my conventional practices of curation, design completely; a gift I am forever grateful for. 
Over the course of the years at ROSE the ever-present artist dropped anecdotes of healthy artistic practice and purpose.  I believe Manfred to be spiritual, even if agnostic or atheist. Could the same be held to all practicing artists?