A R T   D E C O   M I A M I

Art Deco has become one of the most influential design styles from it’s time of inception in 1920's industrial America.  Popularity for geometric shapes and lavish detailing skyrocketed, literally in America, in a direct correlation to rising favorability of Industrialized American Steel industries.  A specific area of the United States that adopted the influence and incorporated the aesthetic into designing their city is South Beach Miami and has become a highly notable location for historical Art Deco architecture in the country.  Known for it’s crystal beaches with blue hues that stretch past any color spectrum, perfectly groomed palm trees and a pastel color palette accompanied by neon lighting, South Beach is Art Deco.  The Art Deco district is primarily concentrated in about 20 blocks on the Beach, all constructed between 1923 and 1943.  Famed Ocean Drive and Collins “Millionaires Row” Avenue house the historical buildings, most of which are identical to their original colors and original decorating.  Mostly Hotels, the vernacular motifs of Miami elude to a place with a unique value. To beautifully highlight the details that make each and every hotel special, soft morning or warm late afternoon sun while surrounded by a tropical backdrop is the ultimate transport to a caribbean-kissed coastline that still, by the architectural details, feels American.